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Who We Are

Empire for Women Empowerment (EWE) is a non-profit organization which was established with the single goal of “empowering young girls and women” and aim at equipping underprivileged women in rural societies with the necessary foundation to assume a more productive role in their respective homes and communities.

Did You Know?

Girls account for 74% of all new HIV infections among adolescents in Africa. 74%
In many sub-Saharan African countries, more than half of young women report not having a final say in critical healthcare choices. 80%
Of all maternal deaths, 99 percent occur in developing countries. 99%
In sub-Saharan Africa, 45 percent fewer women than men have access to the Internet. 45%
Of all stillbirths that happen in the world, 98 percent happen in low- and middle-income countries. 98%

What We Do?

We provide empowerment, support, financial aids from donations we receive from people all over the world to empower less priviledged women and to keep poor girls in school
Our Mission
To raise a generation of strong and independent women from the rural areas who will in return impact other young girls in their community
Our Vision
EWE foundation would be structured to cover all aspect of women's welfare from Girl child/Adult education to employment and accessible health services.
Guiding Principle
We are guided by the principle that there is no tool for development more effective than the education of girls and empowerment of women.``

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Our Team

Maryam Bakoji
Muhammed Bakoji
Akintola Osepotu

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: "There is no tool for development more effective than the education of girls and empowerment of women."

- Kofi Annan, 2004

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